Sunday, December 21, 2008

Maybe the Final Update


I want to explain the tile of this post. This will be lost or deleted if I don't get any replies and comments to my blog. Too many people are upset by this farce. Some of them are finished with trying to justify B.S. and the others are evidently through explaining the wrong in this.
I was afraid this part would become a dead subject. I should say, then, that FORTUNATELY, according to Barrack Obama we are going to get out of the country we never should have invaded, Iraq, and get the heck back to concentrating on Afghanistan where Bin Laden has
been hiding in the first place. I hope we all have understood why they developed what is known as the Bush Doctrine so they used excuses but had reasons that I don't even need to go into. I will leave that to history. We have already unearthed tape of George Bush's excuses the main one of which also means he believes God speaks to him directly when the actual Bible, not the one he seems to have read says: "God sent an angel to tell Mary about the upcoming birth of his child through her in human form..." but he decided to start talking to George Bush directly. If you or I stated that in front of witnesses in public we would be subject to being institutionalized in a mental hospital for possible being a danger to other human beings, but President Bush was elected to the office of Commander and Chief of the United States. That tells me one thing for sure. The majority can always be counted on to do the MOB RULE thing instead of the RIGHT THING. I think history is going to prove that Dick Cheney used George Bush to present his own agenda which has been documented long before the 9/11 attack. Most people who are Christian in the United States were indoctrinated through the pulpit in this thinking. One famous leader in history was quoted by Aldous Huxley in his book, "The Brave New World", when he stated not only that "He who controls information controls the world.", he went on to say this leader admired the Catholic Church, not for anything spiritual, but for their ability to control the masses, which he considered contemptable sheep that needed to be led. Can you guess who that famous leader was? It wasn't JFK, it wasn't Abraham Lincoln, and it wasn't Constantine or Martin Luther. It was the guy most of you consider contemptable. His name was Adolf Hitler. Other than his amiration of Martin Luther's antisemitism (hate of Jews), he doesn't seem much different in his policies than any of our world leaders today. All for now,

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